How Often Should a Sewing Machine be Serviced?

A heavily used machine will trap lint and fuzz in the working parts. The oil will be used up more quickly than a machine that often sits idle.
A machine that is rarely used will also trap lint and fuzz in its working parts. Lint left in a machine long term attracts moisture that can cause metal parts to rust.
Oil left sitting in a machine grows sticky, gums up, and causes problems.
Therefore, we recommend servicing your machine annually in order to keep it running smoothly and keep you sewing. Take our Sewing Machine Maintenance Class and learn how to service it yourself or bring it in for pampering by Becky.
Sewing Machine Maintenance Class
Learn how to maintain your own sewing machine in order to avoid costly routine servicing and untimely emergency repairs!
This class will cover everything you need to know about your own particular machine so that, unless there’s a catastrophe, you should not need to take it to a professional for servicing. All machines are welcome whether vintage or modern, treadle, handcrank, or electric. Some of the topics included are: cleaning, lubrication, adjusting tension, and choosing the best needles, thread, and presser feet for each project. There will be lots of tips and tricks to keep you sewing!
Tuition is $150 for 4+ hours of group instruction.
A private class for 1-2 students is $200 per student.
Ask about hosting a class for reduced tuition!
Sewing Machine Service and Repair

Our Complete Service includes a thorough inspection, cleaning, lubrication, tension adjustments, other minor adjustments, and some small parts.
Our guarantee: If a machine we have serviced fails to perform due to items we adjusted or replaced within 30 days after the service date, we will service it for no additional charge.
Standard/Mechanical Household machine: $90
Computerized Household machine: $100

Household sergers and commercial machines by quote.
Give the gift of a clean machine: Gift certificates available.


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