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Almosta Farm Pizza Night

WinCo pizza dough olive oil sea salt red bell pepper zucchini mushrooms roasted garlic sausage

Almosta Farm Pizza Night

whole wheat pizza crust olive oil marinated artichoke hearts, chopped canned green beans, drained leftover steamed cabbage, chopped freshly browned ground venison added after the above was baked

Review: WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets N-Z by Elizabeth FitzGerald, M.S.

Background: We currently have students in sections N, U, and W, and a beginner in Steps 6 & 7 of Spell to Write and Read. I am also teaching a group of second and third graders using SWR methods at a homeschool co-op this year.
My Review in a Nutshell: So far this resource is a good thing for us; it is challenging both my students and myself to a greater understanding of the English language. Our students are asking for these worksheets! I believe they like the intrigue of putting their knowledge to work. I soon plan to purchase the A-M volume for reference and review.
Note: I will refer to the curriculum, Spell to Write and Read, as ‘SWR,’ to its Teacher’s Manual as ‘SWR Teacher’s Manual,’ to the WISE Guide for Spelling as ‘WISE Guide,’ and to WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets N-Z as ‘Worksheets.’
The Content: The contents of these Worksheets are well integrated with the scope and sequence of Spell to Write and Read; they are not for stand-alone use. A few times, I even opened …

Morning Reflection

This drop of rain glorifying God reminded me that He created me to glorify Him. As this drop of rain will soon fall to the ground no more to be remembered by its place, soon (though not for scores more years, Lord willing) I will perish from this earthly home and in a few generations will no more be remembered by this place. All the more reason to reflect Him so that His truth will be passed on through the generations. This tent is for a moment. He is forever.

Psalm 103:14-16, 17-18

My Attitude Toward Blogging

If you look at the dates of my posts, you will see that I've had this blog for a few years. Sometimes I post a lot, sometimes not very often. Sometimes I get really excited about an idea and it consumes me until I've written and rewritten and rewritten and rewritten and published it. If you could see behind the scenes, you would see several draft posts as well.

There's a part of me that wants to post on a regular schedule. But blogging is only one of my hobbies besides my full time jobs of wife and mommy and sister. And those jobs have priority. I used to worry a lot about my neglected blog, thinking I'd never have readers if I didn't have regular updates.

But then I read this post by Sarah Mae. (*Disclaimer)

And I came to the conclusion that I won't do the same thing. I don't want to be so popular that I feel like I have to be accountable to a fan base. I won't get so busy with my blog or anything else online or in real life that I neglect my God, hu…

Here's the Wonton Soup Recipe You Asked for, Mom

Hi Mom,
I thought I would put my soup recipe here just in case we ever get a Bountiful Basket Asian Pack again. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures for you. Maybe you can take pictures of your results and I can add them in.

Day 1: Broth Prep.

In a big pot, I put the following:
a couple chicken necks
trimmings from Zaycon chicken
one stalk/bunch lemon grass (the other went into the freezer)
six halved garlic cloves
a couple inches ginger
a medium red onion
1/4 cup-ish apple cider vinegar
water. Don't forget the water.

I simmered it from the time I put all this together until I remembered to turn it off, I added water as needed. When I went to bed it was too hot to put in the fridge, so I put a lid on it and set it outside on the deck. It was already 38 outside and the forecasted low was 25. Perfect.

Day 2: Finish and Eat!
I brought the pot in from outside at breakfast time. There wasn't room for it in the refrigerator, so I set it on the stove to simmer more. Plus, it w…