Here's the Wonton Soup Recipe You Asked for, Mom

Hi Mom,
I thought I would put my soup recipe here just in case we ever get a Bountiful Basket Asian Pack again. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures for you. Maybe you can take pictures of your results and I can add them in.

Day 1: Broth Prep.

In a big pot, I put the following:
a couple chicken necks
trimmings from Zaycon chicken
one stalk/bunch lemon grass (the other went into the freezer)
six halved garlic cloves
a couple inches ginger
a medium red onion
1/4 cup-ish apple cider vinegar
water. Don't forget the water.

I simmered it from the time I put all this together until I remembered to turn it off, I added water as needed. When I went to bed it was too hot to put in the fridge, so I put a lid on it and set it outside on the deck. It was already 38 outside and the forecasted low was 25. Perfect.

Day 2: Finish and Eat!
I brought the pot in from outside at breakfast time. There wasn't room for it in the refrigerator, so I set it on the stove to simmer more. Plus, it would be warm and ready to strain when I was ready for it. This time I added one of the peppers. Only one. I think I felt the heat in the finished product, but it wasn't spicy at all.

I decided I wanted the soup to be ready to eat at 5. So, at three, my kitchen helper of the day and I began. Yes, it took the whole two hours. And that was without major interruptions as the littles were napping the whole time!

Strain the broth.
Set on stove to simmer-boil.
Cut large carrots in diagonal slices; add them to the pot.
Cut celery hearts; add them to the pot.
Slice red onion; add half of it to the pot. Freeze other half.

Meanwhile, cook chicken breasts. I started these on the stove in a lidded frying pan. Then I needed that pan and burner for the bok choy so I switched them to the pressure cooker. I added some soy sauce on top of them to flavor the meat.

Meanwhile, mince three-four garlic cloves. Set aside.
Grate two-three inches of peeled ginger. Set aside with garlic.
I wanted to add these toward the end so the flavors wouldn't mellow too much.

I found this miso soup recipe that has bok choy wontons in it. I didn't follow it exactly, but here's kind what I did:
Heated coconut oil (odorless).
Sauteed minced garlic until about half brown.
Added bok choy. (I don't think my ribbons would be called "thin" and I left in the stalks.)
Sprinkled with soy sauce.
Tossed to coat.
Put on lid.
Checked every couple minutes until it started looking cooked.
Realized the leaves would be over done before the stalks were softened.
Transfered most of the stalks to the pot of broth and veggies still simmer/boiling.
Removed bok toy from heat. Added toasted sesame oil. Tossed to coat. Let cool a bit.

I think I added the waiting ginger and garlic just before we started putting the wontons in.

To make the wontons, we set a wrapper on the counter.
Wet the perimeter with water.
Added a couple teaspoons of bok choy.
Folded the wrapper in half, matching the edges.
Folded the wrapper in half again, purposefully not matching the corners, but leaving them askew.
Pinched the "seams" to seal well.
We placed them in the simmering pot one at a time as we finished.

By the time all of this was in the pot, it was evident there was no room for the chicken! So, we put that in our bowls and ladled the soup over the top. Delicious! It was worth taking two days to make this. I lasted two days worth of meals!


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