Life Is Like...Pie

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the kitchen preparing some delicious dishes for dinner. I paused to gaze over the pasture out the window and James 4:14 popped into my head. (OK, I had to look up the reference, and it wasn't exactly as I remembered it, but it is the one I was thinking of.) "[Your life is] a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away." A lot of work can be spent on making and baking an apple pie. And then what? It vanishes.

God created this earth for us. He gave us physical bodies with which to enjoy it. And in the grand scheme of things, it is all like a vapor. It will vanish like an apple pie. But in the end, the reward for the faithful will be far better than apple pie.


  1. I love your 'pie' comparison Becky. There are many times that the meaning of that verse gets me through an issue I'm dealing with. 'Apple pies' come and go, but the Word is always the same and focusing on that Word is the important thing. In the end, it is all that matters.

  2. I like that, thanks for sharing.


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