Kids, Meet Kids!

Last night I was blessed to witness the birth of triplets. The first goat we ever bought, Muffin, gave birth for the sixth, seventh, and eighth times. This is her third freshening. I'll spare you the details, but if you are interested, I have some good pictures of her first freshening. The kids arrived after ten but before midnight (those are the times I left the house and went back into the house, respectively, and thought to look at a clock). This afternoon I took Monkey, Panda, and 'Roo out to meet them.

The black and white one on the left is the girl/doeling. The other two are boys/bucklings. I need some suggestions for names! I have been trying to name the kids in the same category as their mothers. For example, some of Muffin's other kids have been named Brownie, Ginger (aka Gingerbreadcake), and Tort. Of course, there have also been Tiger and Smokey. Another doe on our farm was named Snowball. Her kids were Frost, 'Flake (as in Snowflake), and Storm. It gets a little more difficult to name the second generation though. Frost's kids are Dot (she had one black dot on her spine at birth) and Go-at (as in "go" "at." Hansome finally got to name one.). The father of the newest kids was named Biscuit. So, what do you get when you mix a Muffin with a Biscuit?

I think the markings on the little doeling are stunning, and she is very strong. I'd like to see her stay here for a while. I wonder what her kids would look like if she were bred to an Oberhasli. Here's another picture. Sorry about the blurry-ness. Little goats are pretty wobbly on their feet and Muffin was trying to look invisible.

By the way, my journey with 31 Days to Clean has taken a different turn. It has been very difficult making extra time in the rhythm of the day to fit in the tasks. While my focus has been on 31DC, other things (like dinner) have fallen off the radar. My plan is to go back to my weekly routines and schedule in a couple tasks per week. For example, I try to reserve Mondays and Fridays for cleaning our home. Monday we recuperate from the weekend. Friday we get ready for the weekend.


  1. Aww cute! Im loving the names. So nice of you guys to involve all of your family in the name choosing. So funny and awesome names.
    It was hard for me to come up with names for my own kids, so Im not even going to try to come up with one for your goats =]
    As to the 31DC im taking it one at a time. Not following the pattern or schedule. It doesnt work with my schedule so I modify it. You do what you can do and dont feel guilty about what you couldnt do. Love God (obey) enjoy your family and be Happy.
    lots of love <3

  2. Darling post. Three little 'lambs' meeting three little kids. Precious. Muffin......first thing that popped into my brain was Jelly or Jam. I love the theme. Daddy Biscuit? Of course I think of Gravy!!! I know, pretty obvious huh? Love this post.


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