31 Days to Clean: Day 1

Some friends and I are taking the "31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way" challenge. We were going to start May 1st, hoping to end May 31st, but decided that if we want to take Sundays off and still hope to end on May 31st, we should start today.

Today's Mary Challenge was to create a list of why I want to have a clean house, then write a mission statement "in the form of a paragraph, a poem, or a list." Here is mine. It is a condensation of my "why I want my house to be clean list." When pondering what type of wording to use, I considered that the worthy woman of Proverbs 31 was a woman of action. When reading the verses about her, notice the quantity of verbs describing this busy lady's activities. I desire to emulate her (which to me is not that overwhelming because we know she wasn't perfect--only Christ was and we are supposed to imitate Him--there's a thought can be overwhelming), so I chose to use words that would give me a boost of energy just by looking at them--words that were not sitting still, but moving.

When I am cleaning, I am
        thanking my God,
        respecting my husband,
        discipling my children, and
        creating a simple, restful, peaceful haven.

Today's Martha Challenge was to skim the rest of the Martha Challenges and make a list of any supplies I would need to complete them. My first list had one item on it: fresh flowers for Day 9. I added three smallish (dishpan size?) tubs to use for decluttering: "put away," "throw away," and "give away." This is one thing I want to teach my children by example, meaning, I must teach myself first. I think they would also use these tubs as laundry baskets to carry their folded clothes to their room. I ponder if the lack of items on this list means I am more "Martha" than "Mary."

I don't know if I'll share every day here. I haven't decided that yet so I thought I would warn you.

The ebook/guide for this journey is only $4.99! You can buy it here as a pdf or Kindle edition: buy "31 Days to Clean." I don't know the author. I was not asked to review or promote this book. I am not receiving compensation for blogging about it. I feel silly saying those things but felt you deserved that disclaimer too.


  1. What a great start Becky! Keep up us posted on your great work. I cant wait to hear more.

  2. This is a great idea. I recently signed into the flylady@flylady.net website and have picked up some good points. It is designed to get one organized and decluttered. I'm not yet. I look forward to your posts on this.


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