"This One's for Norma" or "Help, Please"

I cannot seem to comment on my own blog. Why? How? Is it possible for me to reply to comments? Do I need to change a setting or more? I'm confused. and frustrated.

I have few enough followers at present time, I suppose I could just reply to your comments with new posts. This one's for you, Norma:

Thanks for your comment about the minis. I like working with batiks for minis. They seem to be more thin and crisp than other quilters' cottons.

edit(4/19/2011): I did some research on this problem. I learned that I had my browser set to "do not allow third party cookies." In order for "blogger" (where google blogs are edited) to communicate with "blogspot" (where said blogs are published), this must be allowed. Such communication is necessary when commenting on blogs. If you are running into strange problems (such as being logged off when switching between certain blogger/blogspot thingies), this can be an indication that you need to "allow third party cookies." I've been allowing them for a while now and nothing big and bad has happened to my computer. On the other hand, no one has shown up at my door with a plate of goodies either. If you use Firefox and would like me to help you find where you need to change this, I would be happy to. Hmmm, maybe I should just put the instructions here: Up on the line toward the top of the screen toward the left, click on "Tools" then "Options..." This will open a box/window. Move it over so you can see the next part: Click on "Privacy" then click to check the boxes next to "Accept cookies from sites" and "Accept third-party cookies." If you still need help finding it, I would still be happy to help.


  1. Becky you are welcome for the comment about your minis. The batiks are so pretty; like a watercolor painting.

    Now, as far as the comment issue. At the bottom of each new blog post will be a box to put a comment in. You do have to be signed in of course. You should be able to comment on yours or anyone else's. Some people have their's set up where the comment is not posted until they approve it. After clicking on the Post Comment box at the bottom, you can add another comment in the new box. Oh, and when you click on the Post Comment button typically a box with security letters will open that you have to copy and enter. I sure hope this makes sense, I'm not good at directions I'm afraid. Ask more questions if this doesn't help. Tell those cutie pie's that Boppy said hi.

  2. Hey Becky! You should have told me you had a blog too! I discovered it through Norma's blog. (I'm SO HAPPY to see you know and love her as I do!)

  3. Alrighty. It appears I can comment from this Mac, but not from my PC. Does anyone have any idea what settings I need to change to remedy that? I use Firefox, Windows XP, and Avast.

  4. I don't have an answer for that. I have a PC but never had a issue with commenting so I am no help. Sorry. Hope you get it solved.


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