Tiny Triangles

Here I am, back for my yearly post. teehee. I mentioned some tiny triangles in an earlier post.  I've always liked the look of miniature quilts but I've never felt like I have the patience to sew anything by hand. So, when I found the book "Miniatures in Minutes" by Terrie Sandelin, my curiosity was piqued. Terrie presents a method for piecing miniature quilts on one foundation. It's like speed piecing and paper piecing combined. I found I love to piece these using my handcranked Singer 28K. I can control exactly where and when the needle does what. This yields precise seams. These quilts are best viewed in person. I sent the first picture below to someone whose kind critique was "your points don't match." Then when she saw it in person, she retracted her statement and said, "the picture doesn't do it justice!
I call this first one "Seven Cousins" because a seventh cousin was born on each side of the family the year that I made it. My understanding is that this pattern is traditionally called "Seven Sisters." The background is an unbleached muslin. The colors are all wrong on my screen. thanks for your patience while I learn. :-)

This is the pile of paper I removed from the back of "Seven Cousins."

This one I named "Keystone River." The light blues are a little washed out on my monitor.
I am available to teach "Miniatures in Minutes" classes for your quilt shop or guild. If you aren't either of those, get a group of friends together and we'll do it anyway. If you have taken my class before, I would love to see a picture of your minis. I will post them here with your permission. :-)

This one has yet to be named. I keep thinking of words having to do with trees, jungles, sunsets. There we go, how about "Sunset in the Jungle?" The points on the two outer trees are a dark purple batik.

If you pick up a copy of "Miniatures in Minutes" for yourself, you should know that there is an errata sheet here.


  1. Becky I love your miniatures. My favorite is the last one, probably because I love batiks. But, I also like the pattern you created.


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