Better Blanket Stitch for Pfaff 7550 and 7570

When I started using my new-to-me Pfaff 7570, I was a little frustrated with the two pre-programed blanket stitches. Stitch number 12 takes two stitches forward, then one stitch to the left and right (or right then left if mirrored). Stitch number 13 takes one stitch forward, then two stitches to the left and back two to the right (or vice versa if mirrored). As a beginning machine appliquer, I still don't understand why either of these would be desirable. I was looking for a stitch that took one forward, then one "in and out"--a "better blanket stitch."

If you have the Creative Designer, you can design your own stitches. You can also edit pre-programed stitches. However, you don't have to have this "box" to have a better blanket stitch. Even without the Creative Designer, you can delete points backward from the end of a pattern. Clear as mud?

What follows is the sequence of buttons to push to edit and save your own better blanket stitch. (I would call this "Becky's Better Blanket Stitch," but it was my friend Sally who showed me that points could be deleted even without the Creative Designer.)

Turn on your machine or push [menu] so you know you're not in the middle of anything.
  1. [m-p]
  2. [1] for p-memory
  3. [1] for P0 (or any other empty spot of your choice)
  4. [4] for 'rom'
  5. [1] [2] [o.k.] to select stitch 12
  6. [8] to show every point the needle goes down
  7. [3] for 'm-'
  8. [o.k.] (Push this only once. If you push it more than once, you'll have to start all over).
  9. [6] to save and sew
  10. You can adjust the length and width of the stitch according to the needs of your project.
I wouldn't mind re-doing this with pictures of the steps. I got really excited about publishing this and decided not to take pictures unless someone asked for them. :-)


  1. Thank you so much for posting this ! Right now I've been appliqueing with a blanket st. on my Pfaff QE4 and not really liking it . Never thought about programming or editing a stitch on my 7550 !! I don't think I can do editing w/the QE4 so this will solve my problem ! Mary Ann in VT

  2. I would like the pictures for sure.


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