The Very First . . .

. . . blog post. I know, I'm behind the times. I like it that way. I don't Tweet. I don't Text. I sew with treadle sewing machines. I milk our goats. I bring in eggs from the barn. That's all true. I once told this to a stranger on a ski lift and he suddenly became very quiet.

So, I thought for my first post it would be fitting to show you the first project I made using my first electronic machine: a Pfaff 7570.

(If anyone wants to show me how to better edit pictures for blogs, I'd be grateful. :-) )

This is the first time I have ever done fusible applique and blanket stitched around it.
It's the first time I have ever made a disappearing four-patch block. (Thanks, Sally, for the tutorial.)
It's the first time I've used a sewing machine's memory to create a stitch pattern (the flowers with straight lines between).
It's not the first time I've used a sewing machine to sew words, but it is the first time I've done it on a quilt.
It's the first time I've used rick-rack to hang a quilt. (Next time I'll use something other than white if I know it's going to hang on a white wall.)

I'm hoping this blog will be a place to promote my quilt patterns and other crafty items I have for sale. So, stay tuned for posts about them and other adventures.

Off to make dinner for the family . . .


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